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So I tried to install the game, but it tells me the package is in conflict with an existing one. For some very odd reason that same error popped up when I tried to install another VN called Lunateria. On Android btw. Any idea what could cause the error...?


Hi, I did a little digging and I found a guide for you to try. I don't play a lot of games on Android myself so haven't experienced the problem before, but it looks an easy fix

Hi! How I didn't realize I could just consult google myself is beyond me. I see, I'll have to look into that then. Unfortunately this method seems to be outdated, maybe, and the original app is gone from the PlayStore. Well, surely someone else on the internet encountered and solved this issue...

 Anyway, thank you very much for trying to help! Also good luck with your game, the characters look awsome! (On that note: I recently finished a gay monster romance novel set in a post-apocalyptic world, which was so much more than I anticipated. Although the "monster" was described to be human-like, kind of like an orc. It was a pretty thrilling yet endearing read)


Haha, I do IT support for a day job, the number of times a day I have to resort to googling any issue is almost embarrassing. Hoping you get it sorted soon! A lot of folks are going for visual novels on Android now so there has to be a quick fix out there. 

Oh, and did you have the name of that other game you were playing? I'd love to check it out. Can never get enough of queer monster games :) 

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That sounds like a pain in the ass... and not the good kind ^^ Well, in possibly 10 or so years smartphones, tablets and others might become similarly powerful to computers or good laptops from now. I only have a tablet no pc, anyway.

(The following is a lot to clarify a few things)

From Reddit: "It's either you already have an app installed with the same package name but different signature. Or the app itself is not compatible with your phone/OS version..." Another person recommended Lucky Patcher to fully uninstall an existing version that doesn't show up in the settings of the device. And I thought my Lucky Patcher days were over.... how naive. Also, is there a chance the package name is in conflict with another one? 

Ahh, haha, now I kinda wish it had been a visual novel in retrospect~ Sorry to disappoint you in that regard. Although since you like reading VNs, reading (especially good) novels might not be so different? Hopefully you can find the time to do so. If you're still curious, ckeck out "Gloam Gay Monster Romance (Monstrous Book 4)",  because that is the full name.

To be quite honest, I didn't aquire this book through legal means. However, since I don't want to support Amazon anymore, usually I find good books on where I pay for them unless they're free, like the first volume in the best written, most thrilling gay novel trilogy I've ever come across... Problem is I'm 22 and not earning money, yet, and still I spend not too little on (F)VNs for my own as well as the creators pleasure. Well, it doesn't matter.

You can find Gloam simply on Amazon (score: 4.7/5 in the USA) for $12 or Kindle $0, but I can tell you how I got the ebook (epub) version, so you can make sure if you want to buy it or not. I'll do so myself when I'm "comfortable" enough. Something to note is that the author's other books in the series are apparently very popular.

By the way, do you mind me asking whether or not you like reading FVNs (furry VNs), too? My lists are full of them, with some monsters sprinkled in~ A couple are in fact actually pretty exemplary literary works.

This I can agree with (;


Thanks for for the recommendation, and yeah, I'd rather support a writer directly than give the money to Amazon. 

I'll have a look through your collection on here and see what other furry VNs you have listed. I'm always keen to check out more. 

Anyway, if you want to chat more hit me up on twitter, @EnbyKaiju :) 

Kaiju Noir; The Sequel  WHEN?  <3 

This was a very nice noir adventure and I enjoyed the whole ride :D 
The ambiance, characters and story were unique and satisfying to the genre!

I admit, I wouldn't say no to following another case of theirs!

Thanks for saying so! I really appreciate it <3

I've actually spoken with the artist who did the characters and he's on board for a sequel, if I can get the energy to write one, thinking about taking a different direction but with a lot of familiar characters, so I'll have to think about what a sequel is going to mean. Maybe give Karla & Raxx more screen time.

I highly recommend, for inspiration on direction, looking into the Tex Murphey series, and if you haven't(please say you have!) "sam and max hit the road".

👊-respek-nuckles one nb to another

Haha, I grew up playing the Tex Murphy games & of course Sam & Max (my favourite furry malcontents). The fact that we're still getting games from both franchises makes me so damn happy, and great fodder for the inspiration of noir writers :) 

*non-binary solidarity fist-bump*

Good taste AND a fellow 'whatever'? Be still, my beating heart!

this was great! Def gonna be recommending it. Great overarching plot and the characters really felt well developed.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it, your words are very much appreciated :)

This game is the reason I pulled the trigger on the Queer Games Bundle.  The art, that Bat Cutie..... just.... everything about this is telling me I have to play it.  :D

Thank you so much! 

Heck, if Kaiju Noir can be the reason folks pick up the bundle that makes me feel damn proud. I hope you love it! 


the art is so beautiful!


Thank you! All the artists did an incredible job and I feel so grateful to have worked with them :) 



Fuck that dipshit zabivaka, you're a fellow NB kaiju and that earns my money.

*Roars thanks in nonbinary monster* <3


they them not getting money


Thank you so much for making this and sharing it with us! 

For those who haven't played this yet, please do! One of the best games I've ever played. That's it, that's the comment! Honestly, it touches on so many important subjects so well, and it's both hilarious and heartfelt. Do yourself a service and check it out!

Thank you so much <3 
Wonderful to hear you enjoyed it so much!

If you will allow me, congratulations for the release!


Thank you so much! 

Your own work was definitely inspiration to get this finished :)